High-Value Lifestyles

The Fly and the Window - Lifestyle Engineering

Every Friday I will be releasing a piece on Lifestyle Engineering. This week will present an outline for moving forward. 

I want to talk about high time preference living that creates a low-value lifestyle and how most of us are engineered NOT to pursue a low time preference high-value lifestyle.

This is being accomplished by turning our food into a drug and creating a form of addiction the world has never seen on a scale this size. 

Not only has industrialized food become the drug of choice it has a marketing & labeling force behind it that is able to falsify reality and steer perception in any way it sees fit.

This will trigger some but it is the truth. 

“We consumers have become the recycling bin of corporate waste” 

Have we become the fly and the window?

All of us know what we want and for the most part, it is freedom, liberty, joy, and a time on this earth that has some deep value that we can, in the end, be thankful for. 

Our focus has become that as the fly trying to get out of the window. We can see the big beautiful world out there plain as day. It is right in front of us every second that we are awake. From marketing plans to the pictures and visuals modern-day society provides in real-time. From our devices to dreams and imaginations, we all can see that world in which we want to be a part. 

We design our efforts around trying to make this happen. Each day we bang our head up against that window, which is truly just an invisible wall.

Each day we wake up, we see it, we smell it, we taste it. It is clear as day.

The fly trying to get out of the window is the perfect example of “High-Time Preference Living that leads to a Low-Value Lifestyle.”

Meaning, more consumption, random decision-making, false hope on institutional thought will deliver a mediocre lifestyle and shorter life span.

One of the most effective ways the food and drug cartels are able to engineer this type of behavior is through our lack of #FoodIntelligence and through our taste buds and our desires.

I ask people all the time “Why do you desire what you desire?” Most people can not answer this simple question. I then follow up with “What do you truly value?” Whoa, silence and deep thought prevail.

What does this do? It forces your mind to take a step back. It forces that fly to quit banging its head up against that invisible wall. It allows us as humans to re-evaluate why we make the choices we make and provides a reflection on our decision-making processes and where they have taken us.

For a lot of citizens, this has led to metabolic destruction of obesity, diabetes, and other health issues. These are really, in the end, lifestyle choices that are instant gratification moments and lack of true awareness of what we are consuming, both with our food and our content.

I have engineered my life to live a “Low-Time Preference Living that leads to a High-Value Lifestyle.”

Low-time preference forms of living, to me, means less consumption, intentional decision-making, a longer life span that requires a new form of critical thinking that most people do not have the ability to do or do not realize they need to develop.

"Let the poor court the rich for a living; and that under their protection they may enjoy sluggish tranquility; and let the rich abuse the poor as their dependents, to minister to their pride. Let the people applaud not those who protect their interest, but those who provide them with pleasure.”    St. Augustine “City of God”

Food is the new 21st-century drug

This can not be denied anymore. We have unlimited proof of the metabolic failure of our society, when it started, and what the agenda is. It has been achieved by certain lifestyle choices that have been made by our desires and our quest to add value to our lives.

I honestly believe this has been an honest mistake on our part, the average citizen, we work hard, we try to be intentional and we want to have and spread joy. Everyone wants to feel empowered. It is the only reason we get out of bed each day. We pursue a sense of empowerment.

In the society we live in now, this urge for empowerment and value is exploited.

The number one agenda is to use food as a drug. They are very close to achieving this model, especially with the common man. They have successfully stolen the true value out of the narrative and of nutrition as a whole.

Nutrient starvation will keep everyone extremely dependent and yearning for more industrial engineered #Food-Drugs

Industrial food has been weaponized in a way that the very end consumer is the trash can. It should be the fuel source but instead, it is the pollution that needs to be recycled.

Most devalued food products have made their profit before it is bought and consumed.

If you steal the origin of the seed you steal the origin of life. Lifestyle decisions matter.

Take a look at this chart of how the Industrial Food Complex works. On the bottom, we are listed as “consumption.” If you put this into perspective we are at the end of the cycle of this global profit machine. We are the recycling bin. How do they continue to use us as the recycling bin? Our lifestyle choices, based on desire and search for value and empowerment.

Food marketing and labeling - How they target your lifestyle

We all are influenced each day by the global marketing machine. It is a powerful driving force behind our decision-making process. In my corporate career, I was also involved in marketing. I did marketing analysis for B2B and B2C. One of the major reasons I have now separated my career and lifestyle from that world. Marketing is effective, it has become a science that is driven by data, instant gratification, and dopamine. They are taken the human out of the equation. We know this, there is an epidemic that has been created by the need for dopamine hits every couple of minutes in our daily life. The marketing giants have the analytics, they know human behavior and they know you better than you know yourself. They are designing your lifestyle in ways that you are not aware of. They are now developing a new form of marketing that will be based on predictive behavioral analysis and they will use augmented reality and the up to second date of, and purchasing habits. You will have your own avatar that will be telling you what to buy and when to buy certain items. It will order a new pair of shoes for you on a Saturday morning after you get paid. 

It will know the trends, it will know how long you have owned the prior pair of shoes, it will know how many steps you have taken in those shoes. It will understand your health in ways that have been analyzed each day. It will also advise you on what kind of exercise you need to participate in over the weekend and guess what? IT WILL tell you what kind of food you should be consuming and most people will listen.

We are more connected now as a human race than we have ever been, but in many ways, we are more disconnected from our personal selves than ever. This is, of course, a major accomplishment and a driving agenda of things to come.

Starting this fall the food labeling laws have changed. They will be discussing GMO foods, etc. The labels are now allowed to have a bar code that takes you to a website of the particular food item. It will then direct you to a summary of GMO foods and all the details you would ever want to know to be able to make an “informed decision” These re-direction tactics have been signed off by your lawmakers and they have been written by the Industrial Food Complex. They look like “terms of agreement” that Facebook and Google use when you agree to sign up on their platform for free.

Countdown nears for compliance with GMO food labeling 

Under the rule, food makers have four options for indicating GMO ingredients, ranging from saying so on the package to a fingernail-sized QR code, so consumers may find it difficult to identify a GMO food. The labels will say bioengineered, rather than the more commonly used GMO, which also might dilute their impact. And disclosure is discretionary for some GMO ingredients, most prominently corn and soy oils from biotech plants.

I’m pretty sure most people are not going to take the time to scan the bar code, stand in the aisle of the supermarket, and read a 10,000-word explanation that was written by a law firm.

High-Value Lifestyle

It is Friday and most of us are getting ready for the weekend. Moving forward I am going to be writing about my lifestyle choices, why and how I came to these decisions, and how they are helping me live a high-value life. I am a work in progress as we all are. It is time we all join together and start looking at the “Origins” of everything we do. 

On Monday I will be releasing a report on the “Origins” of the Cholesterol Pysop, the Fat Fiction campaign that is still going strong and has basically created our metabolic failure in society as a whole. I will give you references you can use to dive deeper. We need to understand the “Origins” of the problem before we can begin to create a solution that will lead us back to the “Origins” of nutrition and lifestyle decisions that empower us and bring joy to our loved ones and especially the children of the world. They have suffered too much at the hands of fearful and ill-informed adults. You better rise up and follow. 

I am about to take the gloves off. Come join the fight with me.

This Weeks Podcast

I had the honor and the pleasure to meet and have a great discussion with Daniel Prince @PrinceySov He is a highly intelligent and pioneering family man with four wonderful children. He resides in Europe and has left the corporate world as well and is pursuing the Bitcoin Standard way of life. 

He is bringing people from all around the world together to inform and educate. Definitely bookmark his podcast and listen to his past and upcoming episodes.

I also want to give a plug to Saifedeen Amous. He is about to release a new book called “The Fiat Standard,” It will be in part discussing how our Industrial Food Complex was designed and in many ways started after we went off the Gold Standard in 1971.

So much to share with you guys but I wanted to leave you with a quick lifestyle story below. I thought about it when Daniel and I were talking after the podcast. 

As I have stated before, I have been around the world a couple of times. One of my travels took me to Belize. Belize was actually called “British Honduras” at one time. Fascinating history to tell at a later time.

It was a country that many people have fled to in the past. During wars and other oppressive moments in history.

I spent 6 weeks there and my intentions were to dive the Blue Hole. It is an amazing natural phenomenon within Belize Barrier Reef System. I had seen Jacques Cousteau scuba dive this hole in the ocean when I was a child. I had made a promise to dive that same hole one day. I was living a low-time preference high-value mindset.

As I was in Belize I headed into the jungle and I was going to explorer the Mayan temples. I ended up in San Ignacio. It is a launching point to many other destinations. I was looking for a place to discover and I found a guy named “Caeser.” He was South African and had fled his country many years before because of the Vietnam war. He had landed in Belize. He had hacked his way into the jungle and settled into an area of the jungle that is situated on the Macal River. He called it Black Rock. The Black Rock I saw is nothing as it is today. Caeser was the antithesis of low-time preference high-value living. Take a look at the website. He literally had no contact with the industrial world and he was an extremely healthy man.

We all don’t have to be like Caeser, BUT we all can take a step back and fly through the open door that is available, instead of dying on the window seal because we kept banging our head on that invisible wall that was designed to kill us. Develop a new superpower and go have a fantastic weekend.

Love you all and I cherish your support and your interaction. I am honored.

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