Rent-Seeking Lifestyle is Cuck Life

I refuse to be a participant

I will be the first to admit. I am a rent-seeker, I have been a rent-seeker, I do everything in my power not to be a rent-seeker anymore in this life.

Is this a hard task? At first, it is, after a while it becomes your flow, then it becomes the lifestyle that you will never give up.

How do we get there? We dive deep into the Bitcoin portal of truth.

Hear me out. It is never too late to get into this new form of truth. It is the freedom you have been searching for your whole life. It is the lifestyle that you fantasize about in your mind every day. It is the reason you get your ass up on a Monday morning to go to a shit job that sucks your soul and spirit dry. I know that not every job is a soul sucker but the majority of career/jobs out there are being engineered for full automation of effort and mind-numbing decision making. It doesn’t matter if it is in technology or a blue-collar skill. There are few jobs/careers left that will be rewarding on a daily basis moving forward. They will not be sustainable. This is by design. There is a report that said 40% of companies in operation right now are zombie companies. Once again, by design. They are propped up by fake fiat money. We all in the Bitcoin world know this and where it is going.

I’m pretty sure we are all on the same page here. Some of us more than others, some just getting started. I am in the middle. I got started late but gave up everything and caught up fast. I will always be chasing some of you and your knowledge and wisdom. I am honored and humbled.

I want to start by showing a text I sent my son last year during this bullshit psyop that is being engineering. It is about being young and having a chance of freedom and understanding what freedom truly means. 


“I pray you are getting to feel a true sense of freedom, you should never be robbed of what it truly feels like. I will always help you get there if you need my help or wisdom.”

Love, Dad.

My son is 17 now, he is adapting well and is really striving. I believe this message to him spurred some curiosity in his mind. He became more engaged in the limitations that are being forced upon us all. He is not the best communicator, but what teenager is? He changed course and is now striving to create an excellent form of aesthetics in his life.

Aesthetics matter in life. It is a form of art that we all have the ability to create and present to the world.

A current shot of my son. Edited for doxxing purposes, but you get the picture.

As Covid hit, he began a new lifestyle at a young age. I give him all the credit, I pointed him in certain directions. One direction I pointed him was to 

Alexander Cortes 

I have been following Alexander for several years now and engaging in his content and his lifestyle suggestions helped me. I am older than Alexander but I am smart enough to know when to listen and when to soak up knowledge and wisdom. He is my fitness go-to. That isn’t going to change.

I shared this information about my son and Alexander because it is my way of saying “Thank You” to Alexander and letting him know he is making a difference in people’s lives.

Leveraged Lifestyle

I have always had a pretty cool lifestyle, at times it has involved a form of mental and spiritual slavery that I did not understand. It was a lifestyle that required many sacrifices that we are programmed and conditioned to accept in our society. It is not acceptable! It never has been.

Bitcoin helped me understand this fact. It actually opened up a portal to my existence that I knew was deep inside of me but I could not find the leverage to access this invisible wormhole of freedom.

By putting the hours into understanding bitcoin on the level that I needed, I began to understand more about the true definition of what leverage means and I began to realize how much we are not taught about leverage and how to use it in our lives, both financially and physically.

I am now a leverage machine. I feel like I am hitting on all cylinders and it is not going to slow down. There is too much power and momentum in truth.

To me, bitcoin is truth, it is the purest form of man-made engineered truth that the world has ever been presented. We all know this, we all feel it and we are now finding ways to leverage it to bend space and time in a way that the institutional world doesn’t understand and is actually very terrified of.

We are accessing a new portal. That portal is our true selves. 

I gave a speech last night at a local community health clinic banquet and to their patients. I did not speak of health care, I spoke of a sense of self, a sense of empowerment, and a true sense of freedom. 

We all know the sickness we are experiencing in this world, in all forms, from our health to mental, to financial. We have been stolen from and we have been lied to. 

We are starting to see. We are starting to have a clear vision. This is leverage. 

My third eye is directly focused on a sense of freedom I have always tried to live with. I will not surrender it, my freedom is my lifestyle. My lifestyle is my career. My quest for understanding Bitcoin is my lifestyle. My aesthetics is my lifestyle. I strive to be a flowing work of art each day of my life. I know how to leverage the imprisoning society against itself. 

It is time for all of us to be ok with pursuing this state of mind. It is ok to make the sacrifices needed to have the courage to move forward. We are being tested in a way that in the end, is a zero-sum game. Most of the world can’t see it. I see it plain as day as I think most of you do as well.

I was able to sit back and ask a few questions to myself and I was able to be completely honest. I asked questions such as; “why do you desire what you desire,” “what do you truly value and why do you value these things?”

I came up with this paragraph that I wrote down and made into a visual.

This is my truth and I am going to leverage this state of mind that will give me a lifestyle that encompasses forms of wealth that will not be stolen from me.

My rent-seeking behavior is over with. I am done with it. I have compartmentalized my mind so that my life will forever be de-compartmentalized.

I have a newfound energy in my life. Even during all this chaos and the madness, I have never been better. I have been able to get to the source and the origin of the seed of my life. Bitcoin got me there.

Moving forward

I have had some modest successes in my professional and personal life. I wouldn’t change a thing. Moving forward I am on a new quest. I have a new leveraged lifestyle. 

I will be putting out a newsletter each week. You are of course reading it now. 

Monday mornings I will be releasing a report on the current state of our food and nutrition supply. Our nutrition is under attack and they are successfully engineering a way to take animal protein out of our life. It is time to wake up and fight back. If you have not read my first article you can find it here - Harvest of Deception

Wednesday mornings I will be providing updates to the new Texas Beef Movement I am organizing and spearheading. I will be working with local beef suppliers that raise and process and supply grass-fed and organic beef. My intentions are to create a regional network spider web of suppliers and customers and it will all be done on the Bitcoin and Lightning Network. I will be releasing the first general business outline on Wednesday, Oct, 13th. Here is a quick thread you can access to see a general understanding. #TexasBeefMovement

Fridays I will be writing a lifestyle article. I will be sharing my current lifestyle happenings and the disciplines I follow. They will be focused on Strategy, Future Analysis, and Inner Engineering. All of these have a foundation of meaning established on top of the Bitcoin Standard Lifestyle

I am going to be completely honest with you. My lifestyle is awesome. It is not about fiat riches, it is not about being famous, it is not about accumulation and consumption. It is 100% about the freedom of my spirit. 

I am going to be writing about my journey into my understanding of what my spirit meant to me when I was younger and what it truly means to me now.

I am a poor boy from the desert high plains, I am from West Texas and I will defend my lifestyle. I will not let anyone or anything get in my way. If you doubt me, fight me. I got a special set of skills. You will not win.

I am a humble man, but I have no tolerance, especially in our current times, for those systems and institutions that are stealing the innocence of youth out of our children and each one of you. I will die on this hill and I am ok with that.

I work in a form of intelligence that I am leveraging.

Medical - Pharmaceutical - Agricultural - Complex #MPAC, it’s on and you are my opponent. You will not steal any more spirits or forms of self-empowerment. I am recruiting each and every one of you to come along. This shit is real folks and it is coming to your inner self in ways you DO NOT see yet. Guess what? Bitcoin Don’t Care.

Jump on the new lifestyle wagon, it is going places...Giddy up!

Each week I like to plug a few plebs and sovereign individuals.

If you haven’t checked out Lili, you need to right now. She is far smarter than I am and is totally dedicated to truth and a sovereign lifestyle. Her set of skills? Well look deeper and you’ll find out here.

Next is Mr. Daniel Prince. Most of you know him in the Bitcoin world and he hosts the Podcast “Once BITten”. He always has a great line up and I am very thankful for him having me on his show. He is engineering a phenomenal lifestyle. Catch up on his episodes and look forward to our new rip coming out in a few days. It should be interesting.

And lastly, I want to focus back on Alexander Cortes. I am pretty familiar with his story and how he has engineered his lifestyle in a way that most people are envious of and honestly how most of you should start engineering your lifestyle. He holds nothing back and has been very intentional about his quest for true sovereignty. Anyone at any age can pick up something from Alexander. He has trained in ballet and Muay Thai and is a proven personal trainer, a world traveler, fitness and diet guru, a very successful entrepreneur, and soon to be an international brand.

I was sick a couple of years ago from an injury that collapsed my portal vein. I had lost a lot of weight and was bed-ridden for about 6wks. 

When I had gained my strength back, I dove straight back into his programs and his daily newsletter that is free. You would be a fool not to sign up for it here. Go down his rabbit hole. You will be better for it.

Guess what?

All three of these people I just shilled, they are all Bitcoiners and they do it in different ways. There is a place for all of us in the Bitcoin world and there is an aesthetic that we can bring and share with the world. It is an art form. Become the artists and share the truth of who you are. It is a hell of a ride!

If you are confused about what I am about, it’s quite simple. I am giving the world a new form of #FoodIntelligence. I am saving lives and I am exposing the corruption that has been slowly killing us for decades. They can’t cover it up anymore. We have Bitcoin and it does care!

Thank you,! Vetted results from Achilles Program

Now all of you go have a great weekend. Eat all kinds of animal protein, preferably grass-fed beef. If you don’t have any or do not know where or how to find it reach out to me and DM me. Tell me your interest and or your concerns, feedback, etc. I will be accepting DM’s on my Twitter page until I am unable to answer and then I will shift to a new form of communication once the TexasBeefMovement begins.

Love all of you guys and it’s ok to engineer your new lifestyle or make your current one even better. Bitcoin gives you its approval.

Texas Slim @modernTman